This page is devoted to suggested WordPress website and other social media / social networking tools and resources. If you would like to suggest a resource or link, or make a comment about the resources listed here, please do so! You can use the form on the Business Blogging 101 Contact Us page.


There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress. To be able to install a plugin, you need to host your WordPress site on a third-party host. You can’t add plugins to a site hosted on

Secure Contact Form Plugin from Dagon Design
Inserts a traditional “contact us” form into a WordPress page. You can customize available fields and add new ones.

WordPress Plugins from Urban Giraffe
A collection of great plugins and support pages. Includes a Redirection plugin and an Anti-Email Spam plugin that hides email addresses from spambots.

Hide / Exclude Pages WordPress Plugin
This plugin adds a checkbox, “include this page in menus”, which is checked by default. If you uncheck it, the page will not appear in any listings of pages (which includes, and is usually limited to, your page navigation menus).


Here is the best free text editor for Windows: Notepad++
It features syntax highlighting, multiple Undo’s, and many other cool features you find in more expensive software programs like Dreamweaver. You can set it as your default HTML editor so that when you View Source in Internet Explorer, you no longer have to look at the crummy formatting offered by the original Notepad for Windows.


This is not an exhaustive list. These are only suggestions. If you have a favorite that is not listed here, let me know. McBuzz and Mark McLaren are not affiliated with these sites in any way other than that we think they do good work. I have not tried all of these themes. (Home of the Thesis theme.)


Additional WordPress Resources

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