WordPress Tutorial – Where is the “Insert Image Into Post” Button – and How to Insert a Photo Gallery

This WordPress tutorial show two things:

  1. Where the “Insert Into Post” button is so that you can insert an image into a WordPress post or page.
  2. How to insert a gallery of images into a WordPress post or page.

Add a Photo Slideshow to WordPress with Slide.com

It is truly amazing how many resources and tools are available online these days – absolutely free. Here’s one more example. You can create a slideshow on Slide.com and easily embed it into a WordPress page or post. I made the slideshow below by importing images from my Flickr account directly into Slide.com. You can do the same, or upload images from your computer, or get them from any number of other sources.

Choose from prefab themes and custom colors, add captions and a title, give Slide your email address, choose a username/account URL (mine is mcbuzz.slide.com) and password, click Save. Then click on the WordPress option to embed the slideshow. Copy the code for WordPress. Paste that into the HTML editing window of your WordPress editor. Preview or Publish, and BOOM, you’re done.

WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Position an Image and Wrap Text Around an Image

How to Wrap Text Around an Image

Want to Wrap Text Around an Image Using WordPress? Take the Plunge

This tutorial shows how to wrap text around an image using WordPress version 2.5 or later. It also shows how to insert an image and align it (position it to the left, right or center). In earlier versions of WordPress, you had to use the Code (HTML) editing window to insert a bit of HTML (using cascading style sheets) to get the text to wrap properly.

Wrapping text around an image has been improved in WordPress 2.5 or later. You no longer need to use HTML code. Instead, you can use the Add an Image dialog box to specify image alignment, and this does a good job of wrapping text.

If you have already inserted an image, and you decide you want to wrap text around it, you can use the Image Editing dialog box to set image alignment, which has the same nice effect on text wrap.

How to Position an Image and Wrap Text Around an Image Using WordPress 2.5+

WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Upload and Insert an Image Using WordPress

My Sample Caption for This Image

My Sample Caption for This Image

Related post: WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Position an Image and Wrap Text Around an Image

Inserting an image using WordPress version 2.5 or later is slightly different than inserting an image using WordPress version 2.3 or earlier. Versions 2.5 and 2.6 are essentially the same. Version 2.6 is the latest version as of July 2008.

Inserting an image that you have already uploaded to WordPress but haven’t used in a particular post or page is actually a bit confusing in version 2.5 or later. You need to be able to find the elusive “Insert into Post” button. It’s not obvious.

There are many other settings and features in the “Add media” tools in the WordPress editing interface. This tutorial covers only the most basic aspects of uploading and inserting an image.

So check it out.

How to Upload and Insert an Image Using WordPress 2.5+

WordPress Tutorial – How to Add Flickr Photo Widget to WordPress Theme Sidebar

This Intermediate-level WordPress Tutorial shows how to add Flickr Photo Widget to your WordPress blog’s sidebar so that you can display thumbnails of your Flickr photos. The Flickr Widget comes with WordPress 2.5+ on the WordPress.com hosting site. Your WordPress theme also must support Widgets. If you have questions about Widgets, send me a comment by clicking on the Comments link (or using the form) at the bottom of this post.

If you google something like “wordpress photo sidebar widget”, you will find many ways to display photos in your WordPress sidebar. If there’s one you already use that you like, let us know! The nice thing about using WordPress.com for your blog/website is that things like the Flickr Photo Widget are installed automatically – or Automattically, if you prefer (a little WordPress pun, there). Check out the Automattic website if you have a minute to learn more about what the creators of WordPress are up to.

Before you can add the Flickr Photo Widget, you need to first create a Flickr account at Flickr.com and upload photos to the account. If you need a tutorial on how to do that, send me a comment.

After you create your Flickr account, this tutorial shows you how to add the Flickr Widget to your WordPress sidebar and insert the RSS address to display Flickr thumbnail images in your sidebar. The thumbnail images link to the full-size image in your Flickr account. Pretty cool!

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