Does Your WordPress Theme Allow Comments on Pages as Well as Posts?

Today Business Blogging 101 received a really nice comment from a reader who likes the tutorials and took the time to let me know about it. Not only that, but she plans to write a post about Business Blogging 101 on her own blog. Pretty cool!

Something else of note: This is the first time someone has used the comment form on a Page — as opposed to commenting on a Post. It makes sense. Most “Contact Us” pages have “Contact” forms. And anyone who wants to contact me is right to assume that the Contact Us page is the best place to do so. However, this blog’s theme is provided by hosting, and the “form” in this case is the same one that appears on pages for single Posts. (If you are wondering what the difference between a Page and a Post is, you are not alone. See the WordPress tutorial How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page.)

I’m pointing this out mainly because it occurred to me that it might be nice to have an actual Contact form on the Business Blogging 101 Contact Us page. But I’m not sure that’s possible on a blog — because you can’t add your own plugins. (Incidentally, there is a very good contact form plugin available for WordPress, called the Secure Form Mailer Plugin for WordPress by Dagon Design.)

Most themes do not — or should not, in my opinion — have comment forms on their Pages. They all have comment forms on single Post pages unless comments have been disabled. The purpose of a Page is to present information in a traditional website sense: relatively static material that you want site visitors to be able to access quickly from anywhere on your site, like an About page or a Contact Us page. I don’t really want people commenting on my About page, but the comment form is there by default and I don’t think there’s anything I can do to remove it. That’s one good reason to host your blog/website on third party hosting where you can tweak the theme to your heart’s content.

But, unlike an About page, the Contact Us page is a special case, and until a Contact form widget or plugin or some such is available for blogs, a comment form on that page is certainly better than nothing at all.

What do you think? On the home page, click on the “[#] Comments” link below — kinda hard to see unless you know what you are looking for. Or scroll down until you see the “Leave a Reply” comments box.

Here’s a quick update to the Comments versus Contact Form issue on blogsites: does provide a way to insert a simple Contact Form into a page.

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