Questions About Online Marketing, Websites, Search Engine Optimization? Ask Them Here

A few months ago, I created a post where people can ask general questions about WordPress. The response has been terrific! Since I also get questions about online marketing, website design, search engine optimization, and other things of a more general nature, I thought it would be a good idea to create a post to accommodate those, as well. So here it is!

Thanks, everyone, for your continued interest in WordPress, online marketing and Business Blogging 101 tutorials!

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  1. In your opinion as an expert, I have several websites but do you think that for future projects I should just use a blog a website or maybe both?

    What about a domain with blog attached?

    I only ask because it seems that blogs on the major platforms do rank and get traffic and obviously have all the stuff like hosting and design pretty much taken care of.

    Or is it about getting a domain but creating the blog type look and feel which seems popular??

    There is even stuff like WordPress vs Blogger isn’t there?

    • @goldyuk
      These are great questions. Whether you are building a website for your business or for a hobby or social activity, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep things simple and easy to understand – for you, for the people who come to your site and for search engines. So, the question of whether to have more than one website depends on the content you want to offer to your visitors. Will it make more sense if you keep everything on one site, or will it be easier for you to organize – and for visitors to find what they are looking for – if you divide up the content between two or more sites?

      For example, if you have a business that offers a number of different services, it almost always makes sense to have all those services on the same website. Even giant companies like IBM keep all their services, and all the content for different languages and countries, on one website under the same domain ( And the same basic navigation and look-and-feel design is consistent throughout the site.

      If you have an online business that sells shoes, and another that sells baby clothes, however, it makes sense to put these on two separate sites. It will be easier for customers to understand what each business does, and, equally important, it will be easier for search engines to rank your pages for those different products. Unless you are, it’s going to be very hard to get your site to show up in search results for the best shoes online if you also have a bunch of baby clothes pages on the same site. Granted, this is a fairly obvious example, but you get the idea.

      If you are creating a website or blog for a business, the question of whether to use a service like or versus using a third-party host with a “full”, “” version of WordPress is clear cut: use the full version of WordPress on a third-part host.

      It’s possible to use your own domain name with and sites, so if you want to use those services because they are free, definitely register a unique domain name (for around $15 a year) and use that instead of the default or domain. That way, when you decide to move your site, you won’t have to tell people you have a new URL / web address, and the search engine ranking of your site’s pages will not be lost.

      On Blogger, you cannot create traditional static web pages like “About Us” or “Contact Us” or “Services”, and you cannot have a “static” home page (also called a “front page”) where you talk about your business. You can only have blog posts on the front page. So there is really no way to create a traditional website on Blogger. It’s not a viable option for a business website.

      Here is a more extensive comparison of and services.

      It’s easy to create a blog and website together in the same WordPress site, using the same domain, so it’s a good idea to do that rather than create the two separately. It’s also fairly easy to add a WordPress blog to an existing website.

      Since you can use your own domain with a site, there is really only one major reason to go with the full version of WordPress: The full version is much more powerful than the version.

      1. You can’t use Google Anaytics on

      2. You can’t use a custom theme on

      3. You can’t install plugins and widgets on (You can only use the plugins and widgets that are already installed. These are good, but limited in number and in features.)

      4. You can’t use JavaScript on, which means you can’t use any third-party forms like a “Sign-up for my email newsletter” form.

      You can always export a site and import it into a third-party-hosted WordPress site, but if this site is for your business, save yourself the trouble, spend the $100 to $200 a year for hosting and start with the full version.

  2. I read the above reply Mark. It was a good comparison between Blogger Vs Vs

    I host my site at I really miss the Java Script features (adding newsletter emails) and the additional plugins.

    Can you please let me know how to add the following plug in to
    1. “Subscribe to newsletter textbox and a button”
    2. Rotating advertisement / sponsor logos

  3. How to I post an amazon associates link and image?
    I cut and paste the HTML to the html page but when I view it, it does not show up. I tried clicking on the code button at the beginning, then pasting the html from amazon and the code button at the end, but that does not work either.
    Please advise and thanks for the great content here. It’s great!

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