Text Widgets, Digg 3-column vs. Blix 2-column WordPress.com Themes

A reader commented on the tutorial “How to Use a Text Widget to Customize a WordPress Sidebar” today to ask if the Blix theme supports text widgets. It looks to me like it definitely does. Has anyone else had trouble with this?

The same reader asked about adding a custom header to the Blix theme. The custom header can be changed in the WordPress Dashboard under Appearance > Custom Header. Not all themes support a custom header, but the Blix theme does. I have not created a tutorial showing how to do this yet. Sorry! But it looks pretty straight-forward. Hopefully not too hard to figure out.

One other thing I should mention: BE CAREFUL ABOUT SWITCHING THEMES.

If you have a 3-column theme like the one I use on Business Blogging 101 (Digg 3 Column) and you are using widgets in both sidebars – especially custom text widgets like I show you how to create in the “How to Use a Text Widget to Customize a WordPress Sidebar” tutorial – then you should be aware that, if you switch to a 2-column theme, all of your widgets from the second sidebar will be moved into the one sidebar.

If you plan to keep the 2-column theme, that’s fine! You would want to move them all to the one sidebar so that they don’t disappear. However, if you are just “trying out” the 2-column theme to see how it looks, you will have to manually recreate your text widgets when you switch back to the 3-column theme. Otherwise, they will all remain in the left sidebar.

How do I know this? I just did it myself! Oops! It took about 15 minutes of copying and pasting text widget content back into the second (right side) sidebar to put everything back to the way it was.

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  2. Hello Mark,

    I just stumbled up on your fabulous blog! This information is great for those in the process of improving their WordPress blogs. It’s very nice of you to share your tutorials.
    I watched your clips and really enjoy the way you explain things step by step way.

    Of course I added a link to you on my blog on my blogging section. I want everyone to find you.

    ~ Gabriela ~

    • Thanks very much for the props, Gabriela! Your site looks excellent. Some really creative stuff there. (I’m a huge fan of Toronto, FYI. Used to visit a lot when I lived in Pennsylvania. Awesome city.) I love the picture of you with Lorelle. Hoping to follow you on Twitter.

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