WordPress 2.7 – So Much to Love!


Those of us with blogs hosted on WordPress.com have already experienced the new features of WordPress version 2.7. There are some great features. I’m looking forward to covering some of them in tutorials on Business Blogging 101.

WordPress 2.7 is now available for use on 3rd-party hosted blogs and websites.

Here’s a great post about Ways to Configure Your New WordPress 2.7 Dashboard.

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  2. Since I personally wasn’t that familiar with the previous version I’ve not had enough experience to appreciate all the work you’ve done and continue to do to include the support you give.
    Change is always difficult and there’s always going to be a percentage who don’t appreciate it. “Such is life”. ps love the snow “how do you do that”?


    • @hyperpcs Thanks!

      Falling snow on your WordPress blog is easy as long as it’s hosted on WordPress.com.

      In the Dashboard, under Appearance, click on Extras and check the box next to “Show falling snow on my blog. (Only until January 4th 2009.)” Don’t forget to click the “Update Extras” button.

      I appreciate the fact that WordPress.com turns off the snow after January 4th, but I’m not sure how they decided on that date. When I lived in Pittsburgh, we used to get snow as late as April. Too bad WordPress.com was not in charge of that!

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