WordPress Tutorial – Make a Static Page Your Home Page – Part 2

This Beginner-level WordPress tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications follows-up to “WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a Static Page Your Home Page (Front Page)”. Part 1 of this tutorial shows how to tell WordPress to use a specific page as your home page. Part 2 shows how to hide the link to that page that would otherwise be part of the main navigation.

Note that a Part 3 is also on the way. Part 3 will show how to hide the link to the page by making the page a subpage AND by hiding links to subpages with the help of a custom sidebar using WordPress Widgets.

Some WordPress themes have a default “Home” button in the main navigation. Not all WordPress themes do, but some of the WordPress themes offered on wordpress.com do. If your theme has a default “Home” button, you may need this technique.

This tutorial also talks about navigation some themes have in the sidebar with links to subpages and “subsub” pages, meaning “child” pages that have other pages as “parents”. See the Business Blogging 101 (mcbuzzvideo on YouTube) tutorial about “child” or sub-pages to learn more about that.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Mark – the sub-page tip really helped solve that redundant and confusing extra page tab thing that has been bothering me for ages!

    For a while i was giving the static front page no title, but it still showed up a kind of half tab on some themes, like Digg 3.

    But I found another, simple, way of hiding the sub-page in the sidebar. I don’t know if it is feature of the new WP, but you can just edit the widget to exclude a specific page ID from the page list in the sidebar widget.

    So I set the front page as a sub page of the “blog” posts page to make it disapear from the page tabs, and without needing to make another sub-sub-page, I just excluded it from the sidebar widget list.

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