WordPress Web Marketing Tutorial – How to Comment on a Blog

I call this Beginner-level tutorial a WordPress Web Marketing Tutorial because it is a general tutorial about how to comment on a blog post and about why it is a good idea to comment: because it helps bring new visitors to your own blog or website. This is the “web marketing” part of the tutorial.

The tutorial also talks about the fact that some WordPress.com blogs require you to have a WordPress.com account (easy and free to sign up) in order to comment on a post.

Finally, I show the simple steps involved in filling out a comment form, and I explain what is meant by “comment moderation”.

Thanks to blogger Barbara Swafford for suggesting this topic.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Mark,

    First of all, thank you for the link.

    I listened to your tutorial, and it “hits the mark” (no pun intended) on the importance of leaving comments on blogs.

    Commenting is such a great way to build community with other bloggers, and is an issue that’s not stressed enough. Thanks for adding this tutorial to your library.

  2. My pleasure, Barbara! Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Hi, I’m a beginner in blogging and i believe its much better if you can have your turorial in a form other than video such as pdf or word in order for us, beginners, to print and bring anywhere and study.

    Thank you very much. This is very useful

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