Falling Snow on WordPress.com — Happy Holidays From Business Blogging 101 and McBuzz Communications LLC

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Mark McLaren of Business Blogging 101 and McBuzz Communications LLC.

Here’s a hot WordPress tip from Matt Mullenweg. Hopefully you can see snow falling on the Business Blogging 101 website right now. I’m in Seattle and it’s not really snowing here at the moment, but it snowed on Christmas Day so what more can you wish for?! If you have a website / blog hosted by WordPress.com, you can add falling snow to your site in about 10 seconds. Check this out: http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/12/25/let-it-snow/

Even if your site is not hosted by WordPress.com, you can add falling snow (with a little more effort). Matt points this out in the comments on the same page above. Go to: http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/ and see Matt’s blog for more ideas: http://photomatt.net/2007/12/23/falling-snow-script/

The fact that Matt Mullenweg and WordPress.com decided to make it totally easy to add falling snow on sites hosted by WordPress.com, epitomizes, to me anyway, why Matt and WordPress are two of the greatest things to happen to the World Wide Web since Tim Berners Lee got the whole thing started in the early ’90s.

I remember racking my brain for what seemed like the entire winter of 2003 trying to figure out how to add falling snow to a website I had created — without any luck! I knew it was possible, but I did not have the time it would have taken to get it up and running.

And that’s where Matt Mullenweg comes in. Here’s a guy who knows how to make some of the most useful and beneficial things possible on the Web easy to do. And he surrounds himself with similarly talented and insightful folks. The result: one of the most powerful and easy-to-use software programs available today (WordPress). No wonder it’s popular.

Adding falling snow to a website with two clicks of a mouse is just a simple example, but you can see from the comments on the let-it-snow page the positive reactions it gets. People want blogs and websites to be fun, to have life. There are many more substantial examples, like the fact that a static page can be a home page on a WordPress site — in two clicks of a mouse. That wasn’t always the case, but there was enough demand for the feature, so the WordPress made it happen. Same goes for adding color to text.

Overall, WordPress responds to its users like a Microsoft or an Adobe cannot. It’s a generational thing.

Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks for making 2007 an awesome year for Business Blogging 101 and McBuzz Communications.

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  1. Very informative post. Thanks for that. How would you like to discuss business related topics on the all new business forum. So many members could gain knowledge from your business experiences and advice.

    Please think it over.


    Col 🙂

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