WordPress Tutorial – How to Make a “Child” Subpage and Then Link to That Subpage Using the Blogroll

This Beginner-level WordPress tutorial shows how to create a “child” page. A child page is a subpage that has another page as its “parent”. In some WordPress themes, links to child pages appear underneath a link to the parent page in the website navigation links — either in the sidebar or under the main horizontal navigation links. In other WordPress themes, you cannot see any links to child pages.

In either case, you can create a visible link to a child page by making a new link under one of your Blogroll categories. This tutorial also shows how to find the web address (URL) of a WordPress child page when it is not visible anywhere in the website navigation links.

3 Responses

  1. I have a problem though. When I follow the procedure and create a parent page and a nested page and then click on the nested page, it shows me my parent page instead.

    What am I doing wrong and how would I correct it?



  2. Thanks, Mark,

    My blog is sbeckow.wordpress.com.

    The page I am having difficulty with is “Silver Birch’s ‘New World.”

    Where I’m at with it at the moment, mark, is that it both has a parent directory and yet at the same time sits on my menu bar as if it doesn’t have a parent. I’m afraid to touch it any longer, but I’m also afraid of this happening again.

    The introductory tutorial is not really a help because I have been following the steps that it says to follow. I’m not sure why, when I link a page to a parent, the parent site would come up instead of the page.

    Of course, if you hit the post I named, it will go to the post now. But I don’t know how to remove it from the overhead bar.

    Very confusing situation so far.


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