WordPress Tutorial – How to Make Menus of Links Using the Blogroll

This WordPress tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications will show you how to create menus or lists of links using what WordPress calls the “Blogroll”.

The term “Blogroll” originally meant a collection of links that a blogger would display in the sidebar of her blog. These would be links to the blogs of her friends and compatriots.

Like many other features of WordPress, you can use the Blogroll to do things that work well in a more traditional website. You can create any number of lists by creating new Blogroll categories. And, in the second part of this tutorial, I show you how to make a list of links to pages within your website.

8 Responses

  1. Why doesn’t the blog show up on my site? I did it just like you did on the tutorial. I am flummoxed. Help.


  2. Can you tell me more about the problem? Are you saving your Blogroll updates after editing? I’m sure you are. Is part or all of the Blogroll not showing up or something else?
    Hang in there. Thanks for commenting!

  3. neither…i cannot make a blogroll either?

  4. Would prefer to have a written tutorial. This is an agonizing way for me to learn a new feature. Please have a written set of instructions somewhere!

    • @consumerec
      Thanks for your comment! I don’t get many requests for written tutorials, but I certainly understand some people prefer it to video. Most of my tutorials are done without the benefit of a script, unfortunately. Otherwise, I could simply turn the script into a page of text. Can you give me an example of a good written tutorial?

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