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  1. […] the video “How to Make Text into a Link” I show how to make a text link. Use this technique, but instead of inserting a web address […]

  2. I certainly hope I don’t become to repetitive in my remarks as they are sincere. That to was excellent and informative. I do have a question however? I’ve noticed on some blog pages that in the sidebar typically I see little snippets of either tags or cats that shop up. They are typically garbled and I’m sure they serve a purpose that I’ve yet to discover. My presumption is that they are for search engines? Ok so regarding this article, when you mention the importance of title as it relates to the link. This isn’t to be used for keyword stuffing it’s just a brief explanation of the link? And to explain my previous side bar remark (hopefully) the garbled tags are actually portions of the link title that show in the sidebar based on the content of the tags within the post? This page I regret doesn’t have them or it would be easy I could just say “look” but I think you probably know to what I am referring. Thank you again for a great explanatory video.

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